Golestan Story

Since 1950
Golestan History
Golestan History, Mohammad Gerami
Mohammad Gerami set up a tea business in Tehran, Iran.
Golestan History
Golestan History,Golestan tea company
Golestan tea was registered as a private joint stock company.
Golestan History
Golestan History,loose teas
Golestan became the first to use an automatic packaging machine for loose teas in Iran.
Golestan History
Golestan History,TEA BAG
Golesatan made tea bags for the first time.
Golestan History
Golestan History,Golkis brand,Pardis Food brand
-Golestan launched Pardis brand to produce a wide range of food products for Iranian families.
-Golestan launched Golkis brand to blend and sell Iranian teas sourced from Lahijan, Gilan.
Golestan History
Golestan History,packed pistachios in Iran
Golestan began to process, package and sell pistachios and now it is a leading supplier of packed pistachios in Iran thanks to its well-equipped laboratories, sophisticated machines and skilled workforce.
Golestan History
Golestan History, Golestan laboratories
Golestan quality control laboratories came on stream.
Golestan History,Golestan rice
Golestan began to pack and distribute Tarom rice sourced from the best rice fields.
Golestan History,saffron
Golestan began to pack and sell premium saffron.
Golestan History,spices
Golestan started to pack and sell a wide variety of spices.
Golestan History
Golestan History
Golestan began blending and selling teas under the brand name of Twinings, an English marketer of tea, based in Andover, Hampshire.
Golestan History
Golestan History,Hati Kara brand
Golestan launched Hati Kara brand to produce extracts, flavors, spices and so forth.
Golestan History
Golestan History,rice factory in Iranian
Golestan opened a rice factory in the Iranian province of Mazandaran. The factory was equipped with the most modern machines made in Switzerland, Germany and Italy.
Golestan History
Golestan History,grains
Golestan started packing and selling grains using modern Swiss sorters and cyclones.
Golestan History,Mahdi Clinic
Golestan began constructing a large hospital called Mahdi Clinic.
Golestan History
Golestan History,noodles
Golestan began to produce noodles using the most modern and automatic machines made in Japan
Golestan History
Golestan History,Blackline teas
Golestan began to sell Blackline teas, a blend of the finest Indian and Kenyan teas.
Golestan History
Golestan History,SAP in iran, EPR
Golestan became the first food production, packaging and distribution company to use EPR (enterprise resource planning) software, developed by SAP, a German multinational software company. The software allows organizations to manage business operations effectively.
Golestan History,highest quality products
Golestan products were officially recognized as the highest quality products among those of 2000 active companies.
Golestan History
Golestan range of products reached 550 and had more than 2500 employees on the payroll.