Social Responsibility

Golestan Social activities

Golestan has been involved in charity work and some of its charitable activities include but not limited to, the construction of a hospital, a charity and a number of schools and educational centers which are as follows:

Mahdi hospital
Mahdi Clinic

Golestan is currently constructing a hospital called Mahdi Clinic. The company embarked on the project at the request of late Mohammad Gerami, the company’s founder. The hospital will offer all kinds of medical and health services.

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Fatemeh Zahra Charity

Since the founder of Golestan, late Mohammad Gerami, supported charities, he established a charity in Taft, Yazd, Iran and named it Hazrat-e Fatemeh Zahra.

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Teaching Children

At Golestan, we firmly believe that we can make the future better through raising our children properly. To achieve this significant objective, Golestan has built several schools and educational centers in Iran’s underprivileged areas, including a center in the province of Yazd, called Hazrat-e Seyed Shohada.