golestan company


Founded in Iran in 1950, Golestan began operations by blending, packing and selling teas. Soon, the company grew and extended its services to include producing, blending and packing a wide variety of other types of foodstuffs. In the 1990s, its range of food products included 20 main groups and 330 sub-food items altogether. In the same period, the company scrapped its traditional method of distribution and sales and adopted a new one based on the most up-to-date technologies. In 2000, Golestan began its overseas operations, signing a license agreement with Twinings, a reputable British tea marketer. Since its foundation, Golestan has been dedicated to producing reliable and premium food products. The company has achieved lasting fame, thanks to its meticulous planning and customer-oriented marketing methodologies. Presently, Golestan employs at least 2500 people and produces more than 550 food items.

Our values

Golestan is famous for its diverse and unique food products. Its trademark rekindles good memories in its customers who confidently support its brand. Iranian shoppers tend to associate Golestan products with high quality. Tea, its original product, is blended and packed using the most modern and hygienic machines. Our products also meet international standards since we firmly believe in ethical trading

Our purposes

At Golestan, we work hard to build long-lasting relationships with our customers. We regularly carry out evaluations of our customers’ needs as we care about them, their needs and rights. Golestan always endeavors to remain a leading brand through meeting its consumers’ needs in the best way possible.